As PGN Property Consultants enters its seventh year we are pleased to launch our new property website designed by James Sebright.

We undertook this task to improve the site for our customers and anyone browsing. We were keen to provide a clear view into what is happening in the commercial property sector and what PGN Property Consultants role in this is. Explain who we are. What we do and how we can help our customers.

To achieve this we engaged James Sebright, a locally based website designer and photographer . We were aware of his past work as a User Experience and Interface Designer for a range of different sized organisations. This demonstrated that James was clearly capable of creating beautiful digital experiences that work for his clients customers. He was also practical and straightforward producing a great working relationship.

Most importantly the brief was to create an attractive user-friendly property website. One which reflected the ethos of the company. Also it should be easily accessible and be viewed as comfortably from a mobile phone or tablet as from a traditional P C or laptop.

Consequently the website explains who we are and what we do. In addition it incorporates a fantastic platform to assist in marketing our clients properties both for sale or to let. There is also a news section to update users on our business and items of interest in the commercial property sector.

As a result we hope you like our new site and find it useful and informative.

James Sebright can be contacted on